Make a Donation

The Eden Community Foundation is partnered with the Leave A Legacy Foundation, WNY Planned Giving Consortium, and the Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo.
“Private Giving for the Public Good.”

We are:
•     Committed to Building on the Past;
•     Committed to Supporting the Present;
•     Committed to Insuring the Future of our Community.

The Eden Community Foundation was established to strengthen the quality of life in the Town of Eden! Please join in our commitment to our great community.

Becoming a Donor:

•    Outright Gifts:

  • Gifts of Cash: A cash gift is the easiest way to make a donation.  Cash gifts are fully deductible up to 50% of the donor’s adjusted yearly gross income.
  • Securities: Gifts of appointed securities (bonds and stocks) also may be used to make a donation.  Such gifts also provide important tax advantages.
  • Life Insurance: Life Insurance policies also can be used to make a charitable donation.  If you name the Eden Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of an existing or new life insurance policy, you receive an immediate tax deduction.  All premium payments made by you thereafter will be deductible as a charitable contribution.

•    Memorial Gifts: Memorial gifts are gifts given as tributes or in memory of someone.  Gifts may be given to honor a living person, deceased person or to commemorate anniversaries or special events.

•    Remainder Gifts (Bequests):

  • Bequests: You can make a donation in your will or trust through a bequest.  This will allow you to leave a family legacy, which allows children to continue their involvement in charitable giving.
  • Retirement Plan Beneficiaries: A retirement plan is one of the best types of assets to transfer to a charity because it could produce taxable income.
  • Life Insurance Beneficiaries: If you would like to contribute the proceeds of a life insurance policy to help the foundation, but you are not ready to give up ownership of the policy, you can name the Eden Community Foundation only as a beneficiary.  You will retain ownership and have access to the cash value, as well as, the right to change the beneficiary.
  • More Information: For more information about Bequests, please refer speak to one of our board members. 

If you do not have liquid assets right now, but want to support the foundation, a gift of life insurance is a good option.

We encourage you to contact the foundation at 716-992-4799 for more information and to work with your financial advisor as you consider any of these options.