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Private Giving for the Public Good

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

~  Winston Churchill

Awarded Grants

Making an Impact in our Community

From tiny acorns, mighty oak trees grow… it’s one of the miracles of this world. One day you might notice a tiny shoot coming up. You forget about it for a few years and the next time you look, there’s a young sapling. You start to notice the tree on a regular basis. It grows and grows and starts to provide shade and comfort to wildlife. You may never see the end of that tree’s life, but it continues to grow and provide more and more to the environment. It takes time, but it happens.

When The Eden Community Foundation was being organized we chose the oak and acorn as our logo because we hoped that, like the tree, the legacy we are creating for Eden would long outlive each of us individually. We are proud of the impact that the Foundation is  making in the Community.

The grants that are made through your generous donations are touching countless lives in various ways. It’s important work that is growing as our community grows and changes. It’s work that can only continue with your ongoing support.

Supporting Developing or Improving Spaces

Development of indoor or outdoor spaces for community activities.

Supporting Improving the Hamlet of Eden Center

For example, improving visual appearance, adding services for residents and visitors, revitalizing properties and preserving historic sites in the area on or near Main St., Church St., Green St. and Depot St.

Supporting  New Programs or Activities

These programs or activities should be for the enrichment of the lives of Eden residents.

Our Tree is Growing Well!

Since 2000, The Eden Community Foundation has awarded many grants. The groups that have benefited from grants have been varied and have had an impact across many age groups and interests.

Eden Community Foundation Grants Since 2000

$1000 to Eden GLP for playground

$1500 to Eden Library for technical equipment

$2500 to Boys and Girls Club for outdoor sports facility

$1500 to Family Support Center for office furnishings

$1200 to Eden Elementary Drama Club for new stage curtains

$1400 to Eden Corn Festival documentary and workshop

$2500 to the PTA Playground Committee that is working toward building a new playground at the Main Street School

$1500 to Eden Library for their “Bucks for Books” campaign which will go toward the purchase of new library materials

$2000 to the Eden Chamber of Commerce for new Christmas lighting for the town

$1500 to Eden Alumni Association for a bench in front of the Main Street School

$500 to Eden Kinder Care for an outside pavilion

$500 to Eden Quilt Guild for expenses related to advertising their quilt auction which benefited Roswell Park

$1000 to Boy Scout Troop #603 to help defray the cost of a trailer that they can use to haul equipment for community projects

$1000 to the Co-op Nursery School toward building improvements

$500 to the Eden High School Model UN Club to help with travel expenses to state and national competitions

$2000 to the Boys and Girls Club for computers to be used at the front desk/control center

$1000 to Meals on Wheels to be used toward equipment to keep food warm for delivery in the Eden area

$1848 to the Jr/Sr High School business department for purchase of a portable “smart” board to aid in classroom instruction

$2500 to the Eden Kazoo Museum for new carpet and signage in the visitor area

$500 to the Model UN Club to help students attend an international competition in Chicago

$750 to Eden Historical Society for a new sign at the Asa Warren House

$890 to Eden Co-op Nursery School for renovations to create a computer room

$2000 to the Eden Lacrosse Program for a portable scoreboard

$2000 to the Eden Chamber of Commerce to be used toward construction of a new sign near the Thruway entrance

A matching grant of up to $2000 to the Eden Jr./Sr. High Athletic Dept. to replace banners in the high school gymnasium

$1000 to Eden Library to purchase extra books for the Eden schools’ summer reading programs

$5000 to Eden Sports Park group for preliminary architectural renderings

$2200 to Eden Future Farmers of America for flower planters and plants for town-wide beautification project

$750 to Eden Kinder Care to plant trees in their outdoor area

$1000 to community volunteers who will repair fences at the old Clarksburg Cemetery

$5000 to Eden Community Center for a feasibility study

$2600 to Eden Garden Study Club for new plantings and lighting at the Chamber Park

$3000 matching grant to Eden All Sports Booster Club for enclosure under the school bleachers to make a storage facility for outdoor equipment

$2250 to Eden/North Collins Food Pantry for distribution equipment

$2000 to Eden Athletic Association to construct a new storage shed next to the snack stand at Legion Field and repair the 3rd base line fencing

$1200 to Eden/North Collins Little Loop Football and Cheerleading to purchase 14 new helmets

$1000 to Eden Kindercare to add a safe, durable surface around their playground

$800 to Eden Nursery School to purchase Montessori curriculum materials

$2500 to Eden Cemetery Association to install water service in Evergreen Cemetery

$2500 to Eden High School Music Department for new microphones and stage lights

$10,000 to Eden Bicentennial Committee to be used as needed in planning the Town bicentennial celebration in 2012

$5000 to Eden GLP for playground equipment for the pre-K program

$1000 to Eden Historical Society for a flatscreen TV/DVD player for use in the Asa Warren House

$1000 to Eden Garden Study Club for new, maintenance-free benches in the Chamber Park

$2000 to Eden/North Collins Little Loop Football for an AED for use at practices and games

$1200 to Eden Elementary Bicentennial Committee to help build a covered outdoor classroom

$1000 to Eden Kinder Care to be used toward the purchase of new cribs

$1500 to Eden Historical Society to be used toward restoration of the Clarksburg School House

$1000 to the District Shared Decision Making Team to purchase equipment and materials to be used by the Raiders Respond Committee

$627.50 to the Eden Quilt Guild to build a custom case to hold the Eden Bicentennial Quilt

$600 to Eden Historical Society for production of a DVD on Eden history

$5000 to Eden Chamber of Commerce/District Shared Decision Making Team for a digital sign at the Main Street School

$4000 to the Eden Athletic Association to go toward the cost of erecting 4 dugouts at Swartz Field

$1268 to the Eden Cemetery Association to purchase a road grader

$700 to the Eden Library to purchase archival boxes and albums to store library memorabilia

$1000 to Eden Schools Academic Competition Group to provide start-up costs for entry fees

$3600 to Envision Eden for continued beautification of the downtown area

$500 to the Eden/North Collins Little Loop Football for additional helmets

$5000 for a new roof at Croops Mill

$5000 to the Welch Farm Museum for a portable ramp to improve accessibility to the house

$5000 to the Eden Historian’s office for archival boxes and storage

$5000 to the Newell-Faulkner Post 880 American Legion for parking lot maintenance

$1325 for a new planter at Gorcica Field in East Eden

$1200 for new basketball backboards at the Main Street School (joint grant application by the Boys and Girls Club and the Eden Central School District)

$1518.11 to Eden Quilt Guild for quilt display racks

$1000 to Eden Music & Arts Booster Club to help establish their 501(c)3 status

$4000 to Eden/North Collins Food Pantry for furnishing the waiting area and office of their new building

$3000 to the Eden Chamber of Commerce to be used toward replacement of the roof on the Chamber barn on Legion Drive

$2000 to the Eden Community Garden, a new learning experience for students at the GLP School, for equipment

$500 to the Eden Central School Art Department for framing materials to display student art at various locations

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Private Giving for the Public Good

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